Having traveled to Liberia 2009 with a group of men to support and encourage the tremendous work that is taking place in an area which has been devastated by 15 years of war and devastation.

The projects being implemented by Samaritans purse are amazing and helping loving intelligent people like ourselves be able to live. The projects run from bio -sand water filters which are saving lives, fish -farm projects, rice mills, projects that are doing remarkable work caring and loving former child soldiers get over the trauma of being under the grips of evil warlords, where many were forced to kill brother and neighbor, girls that had been raped and subject to horrendous evils. The amazing passion for life and forgiveness of these people has really taught me a thing or two about what really matters. Sometimes too many times we see in our society cravings for the next big fix of a new car or a luxury house or holiday, and then when things do not go our way, we are led to believe we got it tough, we react with statements like oh chillout, get another crate of beers in. The work that the project managers undertake is mainly out in the field with their sleeves rolled up and showing people love and care in a way that the people respond with a love and passion for a peaceful sustainable life. The project workers are hands on and do not hide behind statistics and figures, They care about the people and have a passion to make things count for the better .

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