Schools and Youth Work

Since 2003 my coaching and mentoring has seen me involved with Academy within the Ospreys region. This has involved the coaching and mentoring of the age grade players, Head coach of the Under 20’s team for six seasons, whilst working with individuals within the Academy set-up also within the various schools and colleges throughout and beyond the region.

Having enjoyed, and found great fulfillment in relationships made over the period. Throughout the 7 year term I have coached Aberavon RFC, I was called upon to step in mid-season as Head Coach, and this was a great enjoyable experience. I have also enjoyed carrying out specialist coaching at various semi-professional clubs. Enhancing relationships with players and coaches whilst contributing to the growth of the Ospreys’ region as part of my role.

The importance of connecting and an ability to understand people is what coaching is mainly about, and realizing that not everybody will fit in the same box. The key for me as a person, who has many faults, is to realise myself and others are a work in progress. We must work hard and have a certain amount of structure and disciplines, and I knowing that only too well, being in the sport of rugby union for many years, key to a successful and sustainable life is living by them as consistently, as we can. We are all going to make mistakes from time to time. I believe that everyone has a talent whether in sport or in other aspects of life. As it is said within every acorn there is a forest. I heard spoken recently; Our words and actions decide where we go in life, they will create a pathway to our future or they will anchor us to our past.

I am looking forward to working with young and mature people, getting them to realise their dreams and potential. Not in any way a quick fix, but in a way which will be sustainable to them. Realising everyone has something to offer and maximize this to their full potential. Hopefully working through and building relationships with various organizations we can grow and transform people’s lives and help them achieve their dreams. One of the great pleasures of someone who has made mistakes is helping others not to make the same ones.

The road to our future is forever under construction.